Decentralized platform for launching your own NFT
collections on the Aptos blockchain. We plan to integrate other chains in the future

We have combined all the modern, revolutionary
technologies of the NFT sector in our platform.
We offer an easy to use and incredibly promising
product for the general mass of NFT fans


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ApStation values effectiveness, comfort, and technological
Our Values
Efficiency is the most important priority when working with NFT

ApStation will make sure that launching an NFT collection takes a minimum amount of time
Comfort is one of the top priorities when working with cryptocurrencies

We make our platform so user-friendly that even a novice can figure out all the features of ApStation the first time
Technological is our code is built on the principles of transparency and openness

We work hard to ensure that
the launch of NFT collections is successful
We have conducted surveys on a large number of people and analyzed many shortcomings with our reserch department. Collecting all the best and most comfortable conditions for users on our platform:

• Launch your own NFT collection
• Mint NFT collections
• Voting
• Staking
Platform Functionality
What is ASN?
ASN is the main token of the platform and the management
of the DAO. Most of the interactions in the project are built on token handling

It is a decentralized digital asset based on the Aptos blockchain
Most platform privileges are available to stakers our token. Also our token operates
on a deflationary system, and it becomes more valuable every year for all holders
Writing a complete project concept
Team recruitment
The first fundraiser
2022 Q3
• Creating a main website
• Writing complete documentation
• Work on building a marketing department
• Publishing tokenomics
2022 Q4
• Creating and developing the project's social media
• Opening the bounty program to early adopters
• Partnerships with leading projects on Aptos
• The second fundraiser
2023 Q1
• Starting a "Preemie" Testnet
• Launch of the Ambassador Program
• Launch Mainnet
• ASN Staking
2023 Q2